Peaches Clinic with Dr Sarah Parker

All consultations with Dr Parker are completely free, with no obligation. You will have time to discuss your aesthetic or medical concerns and your expectations regarding the treatment that you are considering. Dr Parker will give you her honest advice and together you can decide on what is the best treatment for you.

Dr Sarah Parker is a fully licensed to practice doctor with the GMC. She worked in several different areas of medicine & surgery before specialising in Psychiatry. She has postgraduate & specialist qualifications in mental health & psychiatry.

Dr Parker became interested in how our perception of our own appearance impacts upon our self-esteem & general well-being. As such, trained as an Aesthetic Doctor. She began her training on Harley Street, London & is qualified to an Advanced level. In-line with new legislation that becomes compulsory in January 2018 she is undertaking degree level studies in Medical Aesthetics at Queen Mary University in London. She brings to Peaches the latest products & techniques in skin & body rejuvenation.

Dr Parker treats the following...

  • Hair Thinning & Hair Loss
  • Stretch Marks
  • Cellulite
  • Scars
  • Excessive Sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  • Tooth Grinding (bruxism)
  • Migraines
  • Wrinkle & Fine-Line Reduction
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Eyebrow Shaping & lifting
  • Nose-tip reshaping
  • Jaw-Line softening
  • Neck-lift

Botox® Cosmetic:
1 Area £200
2 Areas £260
3 Areas £320
4 or more POA
Full face, neck & décolletage ( fine wrinkles, tones & lifts) £400
Botox® Medical:
Migraines £550
Armpits £450
Forehead £160
Palms of hands / soles of feet POA
Bruxism £250
Dermal Fillers Starting from £300
Exact price discussed at appointment due to the different types of fillers & number of syringes required.
Lip enhancement Starting from £250

(Mesotherapy provides the skin with a special blend of over 50 ingredients, ranging from vitamins and minerals to amino acids, hyaluronic acid, coenzymes, nucleic acid bases and antioxidants all of which are proven to protect and stimulate skin and hair cells).

Hair Loss: 9 x treatments recommended – 6 fortnightly treatments, followed by 3 monthly treatments: £250 per treatment / 9 treatment package £2000
Cellulite / Stretch Marks: 5x treatments recommended – 3 fortnightly treatments, followed by 2 monthly treatments £215 per treatment / 5 treatment package £900
Full Face, Neck & Decolletages Rejuvenation ( in fine lines, skin sagging, dullness & signs of aging): 3x fortnightly treatments recommended £200 per treatment / 3 treatment package £550
Non-surgical, semi permanent face lift: From £1500