Meet the Peaches

The success of any salon is dependent on the skill and enthusiasm of its team members, and here at Peaches we pride ourselves on our fantastic team of experienced beauty experts. As well as being a great team, we are a family that we are extremely proud to be apart off.

We pride ourselves in professionalism and friendliness and work hard in creating a calming ambiance for our clients to enjoy. Working as a team is a very high priority. We all work well together to ensure that this happens.

Therapists are continually training and improving their skills. We have regular group training sessions to keep all of the therapists up to the same high standards. Whether you’re in for an eyebrow wax or 2 hour pamper session, with all of our therapists they will be striving to exceed your expectations on every visit, and you will only receive the best, friendly, and professional care every time!