At MineTan Body Skin, our range covers every option under the sun, so you can choose the tan that’s perfect for you… a tan that’s all “mine”.

After all everyone’s different – we all have different skin tones, different tanning preferences and different occasions we tan for. MineTan enables you to be in control of your picture perfect finish, from your desired skin tone to how dark you want to go to your skin finish...and everything in between

All MineTan formulas contain skin loving, PETA-approved ingredients that benefit skin, including moisturizing antioxidants and oils like argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, coconut water, shea butter and more. Every product is free of parabens, contains 100% natural DHA and is vegan friendly. We care just as much about what goes into our products, as the results which come out of them.

What makes MineTan unique
  • World's first 1 Hour Tan
  • Leading number of self tan foams
  • Skin replication technology
  • 100% natural DHA, paraben free, vegan friendly & cruelty free
  • Salon professional formula
  • No fake tan smell, no orange tones
  • Exclusive Fast Acting Formula for faster, deeper, darker results
Full Body Spray Tan £27
Half body Tan £20
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Hints & Tips

Before your gorgeous tan please remember to:

  • Exfoliate the night before your tan, concentrating on elbows and knees
  • Make sure you have done any hair removal if required
  • Moisturise your body the night before taking care of dry area’s
  • DO NOT apply moisturiser, deodorant, perfume or make up on the day of
  • your tan, wear loose dark clothing

Now Your Bronzed and Beautiful…

There are many factors that can affect how long your Vani-T spray tan will last, our therapist will guide you on which tan will be best for you depending on your skin type, and depth of colour your looking to achieve. To ensure the best tan possible please read the following advice:
  • DO NOT shower until the time your therapist has guided you yo wash the tan off at, as all of MineTans are rapid and develop between 1-4 hours.
  • AVOID intense exersise, swimming, sunbathing, hot baths and excess perspiration
  • DO NOT exfoliate your skin right away after your session, wait till day 3-4.
  • After showering pat dry DO NOT rub dry
  • Avoid Products containing ingredients : AHA’s, retin A, alcohol or witch hazel
  • Moisurise daily to maintain a natural and even colour.